Stone bending is a creative philosophy, like many creative endeavors, is based on how we see and think while creating. While the term “stone bending” denotes a physically impossible sculpting technique, it begins in the mind. Bending stone in the mind is like speaking another language. It has it’s own expressions which cannot be easily translated. Thinking in it’s own terms, we can begin to see how the stone can be bent into shape. The hard surface becomes pliable and bending begins to be possible.

Using this language we have created sculptures which are unique. The process is the common thread that connects us as artists but our individual expression remains varied. The subject matter we choose is also a common theme because of our shared experiences. We all see the animal spirit but especially the movement of that being in the stone we “bend” following the curve of a spine or capturing a form in mid-movement, focusing on line and balance even revealing it’s fleeting thought.

When choosing a stone, the existing lines in that stone suggest movement and balance. In turn, those movements suggest an animal form that might move like that, and a story begins to emerge. We all are telling a story about the animals we have created, inspired by many things all around us and compelled to convey our experiences through the act of “bending stone”.